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The four seasons are an endless ‘cycle’ you can’t avoid, check out our top tips to maintain a motorcycle this winter.

1 Avoid ‘exhausting’ the exhaust

Make sure it’s completely dry and use products like WD-40 to stop moisture getting to it as exhausts rust notoriously quickly.

2 Brakes – it’s all about the space!

Brake pads can fuse with discs if they’re left unused.  Place a piece of cardboard between the pads and the discs to stop them from fusing when storing the motorcycle.

3 Keep it dry – without riding through the desert

Dry the bike thoroughly, including around the forks and metal parts to avoid rusting from water and moisture.

4 Brake fluid – control the current

Change the brake fluid before storing – the same applies to clutch fluid to avoid pipe and tube damage.

5 Avoid flat batteries

Completely remove the battery and keep it in a dry place. Use trickle chargers, which will help to keep the motorcycle’s battery charge topped up while it’s not in use.

6 Fuel up

If the bike is likely to be in storage for a few months, it’s worth completely draining the bike’s fuel system to prevent blockages within the system. Fuel stabiliser products can be used if the bike is only going to be stored for weeks rather than months.

7 Wrap it up! – bike covers are key

Bike covers are effective measures to keep motorcycles safe and secure and should be breathable to avoid trapping moisture inside. They hide the make of motorbike from any would be thieves. It also prevents animals from nesting in the vehicle.

8 Make a note of all the work carried out

Write down all the steps taken to maintain the motorcycle on a notepad, so when the time comes to restart the bike, it won’t get accidentally damaged.