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Manor Insurance have teamed up with Marmalade - the young driver specialists to bring the cost of driving down for drivers under 25.

It doesn't matter if you are still learning or have passed your test, we're happy to offer the cover you need. And by using Black Box technology, we keep your costs to a minimum.

Better still we have no curfews!

Named young driver: This is a fully comp annual policy for a learner or new driver to be put on a parents car which is owned and insured by that parent, to give them the ability to start building up their no claims and be able to get used to driving. This policy includes a self-install box that is restricted to 4000 miles per year and monitors your speeding, braking and acceleration. This doesn’t affect the parents no claims bonus and there is no premium increase if you take cover as a learner and then pass your test. There is no curfew to worry about. A great way to get mobile and earn no claims bonus.

Named Young Driver Insurance

New Driver Insurance: This is a 12 month black box policy for drivers aged 17-24, who own their own car up to 15 years old with a max engine size of 1.6. The price stays the same regardless of what licence type you have, so if you start the policy as a learner there is no increase in premium when you pass your test. No curfew to catch you unawares and you build your own no claims bonus.

New Driver Insurance

Learner Insurance policy: This is a short term policy for learner drivers who want to get a bit more practice in their parents car. Typically costs around £80pcm and claims made don’t affect the main driver so it doesn’t ruin Mum or Dad’s no claims bonus. You can choose between a policy for 30,60 or 90 days and you can always take out another policy if you haven’t passed you test as soon as you originally hoped.

Learner Driver Insurance

Cars For Young Drivers: If you’re looking to get a new car this is the option for you. A wide selection of vehicles is available with a range of payment options to choose from. Many come with FREE INSURANCE for the first year. If not free then the insurance will be heavily discounted. The car is fitted with a black box allowing you to monitor your driving. Good news, though – there is NO CURFEW!

Cars For Young Drivers

Student Drivers: This is for students who are back at the end of term and want to drive Mum or Dad’s car for a few weeks. You need to be over 18 and have one of those email addresses that end in ‘’ if you are at a university or '.such' if you are at boarding school to qualify. You must hold a full UK licence but you can drive alone, unaccompanied, no black box, no curfew.

Student Driver Insurance

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